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Bear Claw Drink recipe

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Experience the wild side of mixology with the Bear Claw drink recipe! A deliciously bold blend of Guinness stout, Bailey's Irish cream, Jameson whiskey, Red Bull energy drink, and Jagermeister herbal liqueur. Perfect for impressing your friends and unleashing your inner bartender skills. Unleash the beast within with Bear Claw!

Bear Claw Ingredients

Bear Claw Recipe

  1. mix ingredients together
  2. serve in glass

The Bear Claw: A Deliciously Unique Cocktail

Are you looking for a unique and delicious cocktail to serve at your next party or event? Look no further than the Bear Claw! This tasty beverage combines the rich and creamy flavors of Bailey's Irish cream with the bold kick of Jameson Irish whiskey, all topped off with the energizing boost of Red Bull energy drink. And to make it even more unique, a touch of Jagermeister herbal liqueur is added for a hint of herbal goodness.


The Bear Claw is a relatively new cocktail, with its origins tracing back to the early 2000s. It is most popular in the United States, particularly in bars and pubs that cater to a younger crowd. The drink has gained a reputation for being a fun and energizing party drink, with its unique combination of flavors and ingredients.

Ingredient Roles

Each ingredient in the Bear Claw plays an important role in creating the final flavor profile of the cocktail. Here is a breakdown of the roles of each ingredient:

  • Guinness stout: provides a rich and creamy base for the cocktail, with notes of coffee and chocolate.
  • Bailey's Irish cream: adds a sweet and creamy flavor, with hints of vanilla and caramel.
  • Jameson Irish whiskey: brings a bold and spicy kick, with notes of oak and smoke.
  • Red Bull energy drink: adds an energizing boost of caffeine and taurine, with a slightly sweet and tangy flavor.
  • Jagermeister herbal liqueur: provides a hint of herbal goodness, with a complex blend of 56 different herbs, roots, fruits, and spices.

How to Garnish

The Bear Claw is typically served in a pint glass, with no garnish needed. However, some bartenders may choose to add a small sprig of mint or a slice of lime for a touch of color and flavor.


There are many variations of the Bear Claw that can be made to suit different tastes and dietary needs. Here are a few popular variations:

  • Virgin/mocktail version: simply omit the Jameson Irish whiskey and Jagermeister herbal liqueur, and replace the Guinness stout with a non-alcoholic stout or dark ale.
  • Gluten-free version: ensure that all ingredients are certified gluten-free, and replace the Guinness stout with a gluten-free stout or dark ale.
  • Vegan version: replace the Bailey's Irish cream with a vegan cream liqueur, such as Almande or Amarula.
  • Keto version: replace the Red Bull energy drink with a sugar-free energy drink, and use a low-carb cream liqueur, such as Baja Bob's or Premier Protein.
  • Low-calorie version: replace the Bailey's Irish cream with a low-calorie cream liqueur, such as Kahlua's Skinny Mix, and use a sugar-free Red Bull energy drink.

Common Mistakes When Making

When making the Bear Claw, there are a few common mistakes that bartenders may make. Here are some tips to avoid these mistakes:

  • Don't overpour the Bailey's Irish cream and Jameson Irish whiskey. These ingredients should only be added in small amounts, as they are meant to complement the other flavors, not overpower them.
  • Don't let the Red Bull energy drink sit for too long before serving. This can cause the drink to lose its carbonation and become flat.
  • Don't use too much Jagermeister herbal liqueur. This ingredient is meant to provide a subtle hint of herbal goodness, so use it sparingly.
  • Don't forget to stir the cocktail well before serving. This will ensure that all the ingredients are well-mixed and the flavors are evenly distributed.

In conclusion, the Bear Claw is a deliciously unique cocktail that is sure to impress your guests. With its combination of rich and creamy flavors, bold kick of whiskey, and energizing boost of Red Bull, it is the perfect drink for any party or event. And with so many variations available, you can easily tailor the cocktail to suit different dietary needs and tastes. So give the Bear Claw a try and discover the deliciousness for yourself!

If you are going to order Bear Claw in a bar, don’t forget to mention all the ingredients to the bartender. Bear Claw can be served with different ingredients in different places.