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Best Blue Curacao Cocktails, Mixers

Blue Curacao liqueur is the epitome of a classic Caribbean drink. As the name suggests, this stunning spirit is deep blue, popularly associated with sparkling blue waters and the clear blue skies of tropical Islands and beaches. If you are a cocktail lover, you will come across many famous blue-tinted aperitifs such as Blue Hawaii, Aqua Velva, Blue Lagoon, Purple Rain, Blue Margarita, and many more. They are concoctions of the delicious Blue Curacao liqueur produced from laraha oranges. This aromatic orange flavor adds an exotic touch to cocktails, making Blue Curacao a sought-after tropical delight all around the globe.

History of Blue Curacao

The history of Blue Curacao liqueur can be traced back to the 19th century when it was first discovered by Dutch settlers on the island nation of Curacao. Similar to the conflicted history of Amaretto liqueur, two notable brands of Blue Curacao also stake a claim in its invention.

Bols Blue Curacao

Many Caribbean islands, including Curacao Island, were colonized by the Spanish in 1499. In 1527, they transplanted and tried to harvest Seville oranges in Curacao. The harsh weather conditions and unsuitable soil made growing oranges difficult and were eventually abandoned. But as nature took over and the trees adapted, the once sweet and brilliant orange color turned green and bitter, and the locals called them laraha oranges.

When the Dutch settlers took over Curacao Island, they discovered untamed groves of orange trees, which were bitter and inedible. But surprisingly, the peels of laraha oranges were aromatic. A shareholder in the Dutch East India Company, Lucas Bols of the well-known Bols industry, experimented with the laraha oranges. His method included extracting oils from the fragrant dried orange peels and infusing them in liqueur. To popularize his new invention, Lucas added blue food coloring. The electric blue color, coupled with the bittersweet citrus flavor, gave rise to one of the most popular Caribbean drinks of all time – the Blue Curacao liqueur.

In early 1912, Bols Company started marketing Blue Curacao liqueur as Crème de Ciel or cream of the sky.

Senior & Co Curacao of Curacao Blue Liqueur

Another claim to the invention of the first Blue Curacao liqueur is made by Senior & Co, a Jewish company established in 1896 on Curacao Island. Its founders were Haim Chumaceiro and Edgar Senior. Though their story of the Dutch settlers finding the laraha oranges in a wild grove is the same, they state that it was not the Seville oranges that the Spanish first transplanted on the island but another sweet variety called Valencia oranges.

It was not until 1890 that an aperitif was developed by Chumaceiro called Senior’s Curacao Tonic, which was later renamed as Senior’s Curacao Liqueur. Senior & Co takes pride in being the only brand to still make Curacao liqueur by orange peels and also being the only distillery on the island. For this reason, you can find a “genuine” Curacao label on all their products.

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Blue Curacao FAQ

What does Blue Curaçao taste like ? What flavor is Blue Curaçao ?

Blue Curaçao is considered an orange liquor. It combines bitter and sweet orange peel together. You can note fresh oranges a little of bitterness. It tastes little less like candy and a little more like a real orange. Blue Curaçao is very similar to Triple-Sec.

What is Blue Curaçao ?

Blue Curacao is an iconic Caribbean liqueur that derives its name from the beautiful island of Curacao in the West Indies. It has a bittersweet citrus taste produced from the dried peels of oranges, called laraha oranges. The liqueur is mixed in cocktails, mocktails, fruit punch, shots, and tropical shooter drinks. It’s no wonder that its refreshing orange tart flavor and striking blue tint have made Blue Curacao a staple behind every bar.

How is Blue Curaçao made ?

Blue Curaçao liqueur is made from the dried peels of the Laraha bitter orange. Usually producers add blue powder for the color.

Does non alcoholic Blue Curaçao exist ?

Blue Curaçao exists also in a form of syrup - Monin brand.

What are Blue Curaçao brands ?

The most famous Blue Curaçao brands are: Drillaud, Giffard, Dubouchett, DeKuyper, Bols.

How to pronounce Curaçao ?

It starts with a hard letter K, but the ç (c-cedilla) is pronounced as a letter S. You can spell it like Blue "Cur ah sou".

Is Blue Curaçao gluten-free ?

It is gluten-free. It is made from the lahara fruit: a bitter citrus fruit. The blue color comes from color additives. If you are not sensitive to food coloring you can drink this without problems.

Where did Blue Curacao liqueur originate?

Blue Curacao liqueur was first invented on the tropical island of Curacao. It is a Dutch Caribbean Island, about 60 miles off the coast of Venezuela and very close to Bonaire and Aruba.

How is Blue Curacao liqueur made?

The original Curacao liqueur is made from the dried peels of laraha oranges which are then soaked in alcohol. The distillers add a mix of spices combined with the liqueur and place them in a copper still for more than three days. The end product is a clear liquid of delicious orange flavor. To make the liqueur exotic and to create its notable color, electric blue artificial coloring is added.

Is the Blue color of Curacao natural?

No, blue is not the natural color of Curacao. The original distilled color of Curacao is a clear liqueur. To get the striking blue color we are familiar with, artificial coloring such as E133 brilliant blue is added to the liqueur.

Is Triple sec and Curacao the same?

Triple sec and Curacao are both made from oranges. Blue Curacao liqueur is native to Curacao Island and is produced from the bitter laraha oranges. It is marketed in various colors such as, orange, red, clear, blue and green; blue is the most popular color. While Triple sec finds its origins in France and is made from a combination of sweet and bitter oranges from Curacao and a blend of species from France. You can find them in clear, blue, or golden colors.

Which are the famous brands of Blue Curacao liqueur?

Various notable brands are producing exquisite Blue Curacao liqueur. Some of the world-famous brands are:

  • Bols Blue Curacao
  • Senior & Co Blue Curacao
  • DeKuyper Blue Curacao
  • Monin Blue Curacao

What to pair with Blue Curacao liqueur?

Some choose to drink Blue Curacao by itself while adding a few ice cubes. But with its brilliant blue hue and fruity orange taste, infusing them in cocktails can add a flavorful touch. You can pair Blue Curacao liqueur with many options, such as vodka, rum, tequila, or lemon juice, to name a few.

Why choose Blue Curacao liqueur?

Are you missing the sunny weather, pristine beaches, and azure waters? Not to worry, a glass of refreshing Blue Curacao cocktail can help bring back the tropical vibes. Its distinct bittersweet orange flavors, and eye-catching blue hue, make the experience of mixing delicious cocktails unforgettable. It also evokes a rejuvenated feeling where ever you are with just one drink of this mouthwatering tropical liqueur.

How many carbs is in Blue Curacao ?

One glass (typically 1.5 oz) of Blue Curacao contains 35g of carbohydrates.

How much sugar is in Blue Curacao ?

One glass (typically 1.5 oz) of Blue Curacao contains 35g of sugar.

How many calories is in Blue Curacao ?

One glass (typically 1.5 oz) of Blue Curacao contains 143g of calories.

What is alcohol content of Blue Curacao ? Is Blue Curacao alcoholic ?

Alcohol by volume (ABV) of Blue Curacao is usually 25 % ABV, which is equivalent to 50 proof.

What proof is Blue Curacao ?

Blue Curacao is 50 proof, which is equivalent to 25 ABV.

Will Blue Curacao make you drunk ?

When an average 200 pounds (lbs) man drinks a glass (typically 1.5 oz) of Blue Curacao. His blood alcohol concentration (BAC) goes to 0.014%. It will take 1 hours to reach 0%.
When an average 170 pounds (lbs) women drinks a glass (typically 1.5 oz) of Blue Curacao. Her blood alcohol concentration (BAC) goes to 0.021%. It will take 2 hours to reach 0%.