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Klondike Bar Drink recipe

Rocks glass

Indulge in the creamy goodness of Klondike Bar Drink, a perfect blend of coffee liqueur, Frangelico, Irish cream, milk, and Rumplemintz. Mix it up with a shaker, strain it into your favorite rocks glass, and enjoy the refreshing and delicious taste. Ideal for novice bartenders looking to impress their guests.

Klondike Bar Ingredients

Klondike Bar Equipment

  • shaker - makes it easy to mixture and chill ingredients

Klondike Bar Recipe

  1. fill a shaker halfway with ice cubes
  2. shake till perfectly chilled
  3. pour into Rocks glass half full with ice cubes

Recommend: serve in Rocks glass

It's also called a "lowball", "whiskey" or "old-fashioned" glass. The bottom of old-fashioned glass is thick. Rocks glasses carry between 6 and 8 ounces.

The Klondike Bar: A Bartender's Guide to Making the Perfect Cocktail

If you're a fan of creamy, chocolaty cocktails, you've probably heard of the Klondike Bar. This popular drink is a staple in many bars and homes, loved by those who crave a sweet and decadent treat. But have you ever wondered about the history of this delicious drink, or how to make the perfect Klondike Bar yourself? In this guide, we'll explore the origins and popularity of the Klondike Bar, the ingredients and garnishes that make it so special, and some variations to suit different dietary needs. We'll also look at some common mistakes to avoid when making this drink.


The Klondike Bar is a relatively new cocktail, first appearing in the 1980s. It's not clear where it originated, but it's believed to have been popularized in the United States, particularly in the Midwest. The drink is named after the Klondike Bar ice cream bar, which was first introduced in the 1920s. The cocktail features a creamy, chocolatey flavor that's reminiscent of the popular ice cream treat.

The Klondike Bar is famous for its rich and indulgent taste. It's often served as a dessert cocktail or after-dinner drink. The drink's appearance is also a notable feature, with its creamy brown color and frothy head. The Klondike Bar is typically served in a rocks glass, which is short and wide, making it easy to appreciate the drink's appearance and aroma.

Ingredient Roles

The Klondike Bar is made up of five main ingredients: coffee liqueur, Frangelico, Irish cream, milk, and Rumplemintz. Each of these ingredients plays an important role in the drink's flavor and texture.

The coffee liqueur adds a rich, deep coffee flavor to the drink. It's also responsible for the dark color of the cocktail.

Frangelico is a hazelnut liqueur that adds a nutty, sweet flavor to the drink. It also helps to balance out the bitterness of the coffee liqueur.

Irish cream, which is made from cream and Irish whiskey, adds a smooth, creamy texture to the drink. It also contributes a sweet, vanilla flavor.

Milk is added to the cocktail to further enhance its creaminess. It also helps to mellow out the alcohol content of the drink.

Finally, Rumplemintz, a peppermint schnapps, adds a refreshing mint flavor to the drink. It also provides a subtle kick of alcohol.

How to Garnish

Garnishing the Klondike Bar is an important step in making the perfect cocktail. There are a few different ways to garnish the drink, depending on your personal preferences.

One popular garnish is whipped cream. This adds to the drink's creamy texture and enhances its dessert-like qualities. To achieve this, simply top the drink with a dollop of whipped cream.

Another common garnish is chocolate shavings. This adds a touch of elegance to the drink and enhances its chocolatey flavor. To create chocolate shavings, use a vegetable peeler or a grater to shave off thin strips of chocolate from a chocolate bar.

Finally, you can garnish the Klondike Bar with a sprig of fresh mint. This adds a pop of color to the drink and complements the mint flavor of the Rumplemintz.


If you're looking to make a Klondike Bar that suits your dietary needs or preferences, there are several variations you can try.

For a virgin or mocktail version, simply omit the alcohol and replace it with more milk or a non-alcoholic coffee liqueur.

If you're looking for a gluten-free version, be sure to use a gluten-free coffee liqueur and Irish cream. Some popular brands include Kahlua and Bailey's.

For a vegan version, replace the Irish cream with a vegan alternative, such as oat milk creamer. Be sure to choose a vegan-friendly coffee liqueur as well.

If you're following a keto diet, you can still enjoy a Klondike Bar by using a low-carb coffee liqueur and Irish cream. You can also substitute the milk with heavy cream or almond milk.

Finally, for a low-calorie version, use a low-fat milk or a milk alternative, such as almond milk. You can also use a sugar-free coffee liqueur and Irish cream to cut down on the drink's calorie count.

Common Mistakes

When making a Klondike Bar, there are a few common mistakes to avoid. One is not using enough ice in the shaker. The ice helps to chill and dilute the drink, giving it a smoother texture. Be sure to fill the shaker with ice before adding the ingredients.

Another mistake is not shaking the drink enough. To achieve the perfect frothy head and creamy texture, you need to shake the drink vigorously for at least 10 seconds.

Finally, be sure to measure your ingredients carefully. The proportions of the ingredients are important to achieve the perfect balance of flavors in the drink.

In conclusion, the Klondike Bar is a delicious and indulgent cocktail that's perfect for dessert or a nightcap. With its rich, chocolatey flavor and creamy texture, it's no wonder this drink has become a favorite among cocktail enthusiasts. By following the tips and variations in this guide, you can make the perfect Klondike Bar to suit your tastes and dietary needs. So why not try making one tonight?

If you are going to order Klondike Bar in a bar, don’t forget to mention all the ingredients to the bartender. Klondike Bar can be served with different ingredients in different places.