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Purple School Bus Drink recipe

Martini glass

Shake up your bartending skills with the Purple School Bus drink recipe - a delicious blend of vodka, Chambord, and grape juice. Impress your guests with this vibrant purple martini served in a stylish glass. Don't forget to strain the fruit pieces and stir well with a metal straw or bar spoon. Perfect for any occasion, this cocktail is a must-try for any budding bartender. Get ready to mix and serve to perfection!

Purple School Bus Ingredients

Purple School Bus Equipment

  • kitchen strainer - dispose of fruit pieces
  • metal straw or teaspoon to stir properly, if you want to be a pro: use bar spoon

Purple School Bus Recipe

  1. fill a shaker half full with ice cubes to chill all the ingredients properly
  2. shake till perfectly chilled
  3. strain into martini glass without ice

Recommend: serve in Martini glass

The Purple School Bus: A Fun and Delicious Cocktail

Are you looking for a fun and delicious cocktail to serve at your next party or gathering? Look no further than the Purple School Bus! This cocktail is sure to be a hit with your guests, and it's easy to make with just a few simple ingredients.


The Purple School Bus is a relatively new cocktail that has quickly gained popularity among bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts in the United States. Its origins are unclear, but it is believed to have originated on the West Coast. The cocktail is famous for its unique purple color, which is created by combining vodka, Chambord, and grape juice.

Ingredient Roles

The key ingredients in the Purple School Bus are vodka, Chambord, and grape juice. Vodka is a clear, neutral spirit that is made from the fermentation of grains or potatoes. It is the base spirit in many cocktails and is known for its smooth, clean taste. Chambord is a raspberry liqueur that is made from black raspberries, vanilla, and honey. It adds a sweet, fruity flavor to the cocktail. Grape juice is used to give the cocktail its distinctive purple color and adds a subtle sweetness to the drink.

How to Garnish

To garnish the Purple School Bus, simply add a fresh raspberry or blackberry to the top of the cocktail. This adds a pop of color and a delicious burst of flavor to the drink. If you want to be a pro, use a metal straw or a bar spoon to stir the cocktail properly before adding the garnish.


There are many variations of the Purple School Bus that cater to different dietary needs and preferences. Here are just a few:

  • Virgin/Mocktail Version: To make a non-alcoholic version of the cocktail, simply omit the vodka and Chambord and use grape juice as the base. Add a splash of club soda for a little fizz and garnish as desired.
  • Gluten-Free Version: All of the ingredients in the Purple School Bus are gluten-free, so there's no need to make any substitutions.
  • Vegan Version: The Purple School Bus is already vegan-friendly, as none of the ingredients come from animal sources.
  • Keto Version: To make a keto-friendly version of the cocktail, substitute the grape juice with a sugar-free alternative like Zevia Grape or Diet Hansen's Grape Soda. Be sure to check the labels to ensure that the ingredients are keto-friendly.
  • Low-Calorie Version: To make a lower calorie version of the cocktail, substitute the Chambord with a sugar-free raspberry syrup and use a diet grape juice or grape soda. This will significantly reduce the calorie count of the cocktail.
  • More Variations: Try experimenting with different juices and liqueurs to create your own unique version of the Purple School Bus. For example, you could try using blueberry juice instead of grape juice or adding a splash of triple sec for a little extra kick.

Common Mistakes When Making

When making the Purple School Bus, there are a few common mistakes to avoid. Here are some tips to ensure that your cocktail turns out perfectly every time:

  • Use a kitchen strainer to dispose of any fruit pieces that may be left in the grape juice.
  • Be sure to stir the cocktail properly to ensure that all of the ingredients are evenly distributed.
  • Use a Martini glass to serve the cocktail for an elegant presentation.
  • Don't overdo it on the Chambord - a little goes a long way!
  • Use quality ingredients to ensure that your cocktail tastes great.

Overall, the Purple School Bus is a fun and delicious cocktail that is perfect for any occasion. Whether you're hosting a party or just looking for a tasty drink to enjoy on a quiet night at home, this cocktail is sure to please. So why not give it a try and see what all the fuss is about?

If you are going to order Purple School Bus in a bar, don’t forget to mention all the ingredients to the bartender. Purple School Bus can be served with different ingredients in different places.