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Sunny D Drink recipe

Cocktail glass

Shake up your bartending skills with this refreshing and energizing Sunny D drink recipe. Featuring Absolut Mandrin vodka, Triple Sec, and a splash of Red Bull, this cocktail is perfect for any occasion. With fresh orange juice and a touch of sweetness, you'll be sipping like a pro in no time. Get your shaker and juicer ready to impress your guests with this delicious concoction.

Sunny D Ingredients

Sunny D Equipment

  • shaker with strainer - get rid of large pieces of ingredients (ex: fruit parts, seeds)
  • juicer, squeezer manual or automatic - if you mind using fresh juice

Sunny D Recipe

  1. consider making fresh Orange juice you can press fruit yourself (be careful - fresh juice stays good only 12 hours)
  2. mix ingredients together with ice into shaker
  3. pour into glass

The Sunny D Cocktail: A Guide to Making and Enjoying This Popular Drink

If you've never heard of the Sunny D cocktail, you're missing out on one of the most popular and delicious drinks in the world. This cocktail has a long and fascinating history, and it's made with a unique blend of ingredients that come together to create a truly unforgettable flavor.

In this article, we'll take a closer look at the Sunny D cocktail and explore its popularity, ingredients, garnishing techniques, variations, common mistakes made when making it, and more.


The Sunny D cocktail is a popular drink that has been enjoyed by millions of people around the world for decades. Its origins are somewhat unclear, but it's believed to have been first created in the United States during the 1960s.

The drink is famous for its bright, citrusy flavor that's both sweet and tangy at the same time. It's often served in a tall glass with plenty of ice and garnished with a slice of orange or a sprig of mint.

The Sunny D cocktail is popular in many different parts of the world, but it's particularly popular in the United States, where it's often served at bars and restaurants across the country.


The Sunny D cocktail is made with a unique blend of ingredients that work together to create its distinctive flavor. The primary ingredients include:

  • 1.25 oz Absolut Mandrin vodka
  • 3/4 oz Triple Sec
  • 2 oz Orange juice
  • 1 splash Red Bull energy drink

The Absolut Mandrin vodka is a key ingredient in this cocktail, as it gives it a distinctive orange flavor that pairs perfectly with the other ingredients. The Triple Sec provides a sweet, citrusy flavor that complements the orange juice, while the Red Bull energy drink adds a bit of fizz and a subtle hint of sweetness.

When making the Sunny D cocktail, it's important to use high-quality ingredients to ensure that the flavor is just right. You can use fresh-squeezed orange juice if you prefer, but it's also perfectly fine to use store-bought juice.

Ingredient Roles

Each of the ingredients in the Sunny D cocktail plays a specific role in creating its unique flavor profile. Here's a closer look at the role of each ingredient:

  • Absolut Mandrin vodka: This vodka is infused with mandarin oranges, which gives it a sweet and citrusy flavor that's perfect for the Sunny D cocktail.
  • Triple Sec: This sweet, orange-flavored liqueur provides an additional layer of citrusy flavor to the cocktail.
  • Orange juice: The orange juice is the primary ingredient in the Sunny D cocktail, and it provides a sweet, tangy flavor that's perfect for this drink.
  • Red Bull energy drink: The Red Bull adds a bit of fizz and sweetness to the cocktail, giving it a more complex flavor profile.

How to Garnish

Garnishing the Sunny D cocktail is a simple but important step that can enhance the overall flavor and appearance of the drink. Here's how to garnish this cocktail:

  • Slice a fresh orange: Cut a thin slice of orange and place it on the rim of the glass.
  • Add a sprig of mint: If you like, you can also add a sprig of fresh mint to the top of the drink for an extra burst of flavor.

These garnishes add a bit of visual interest to the drink and can also enhance its flavor by adding a subtle hint of citrus or mint.


The Sunny D cocktail can be easily adapted to suit a variety of tastes and dietary restrictions. Here are a few variations to consider:

Virgin/Mocktail Version

To make a virgin or mocktail version of the Sunny D cocktail, simply omit the vodka and Triple Sec and replace the Red Bull with a splash of soda water or lemon-lime soda. This version is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the bright, citrusy flavor of the Sunny D cocktail without the alcohol.

Gluten-Free Version

To make a gluten-free version of the Sunny D cocktail, simply use a gluten-free vodka and Triple Sec. Some popular brands of gluten-free vodka include Tito's Handmade Vodka and Smirnoff No. 21 Vodka.

Vegan Version

The Sunny D cocktail is already vegan, as none of the ingredients come from animal products.

Keto Version

To make a keto-friendly version of the Sunny D cocktail, use a sugar-free Red Bull and a low-carb vodka like Ketel One or Grey Goose.

Low-Calorie Version

To make a low-calorie version of the Sunny D cocktail, simply use a sugar-free Red Bull and reduce the amount of vodka and Triple Sec. You can also use a low-calorie orange juice or a blend of orange and grapefruit juice to reduce the overall calorie count.

Common Mistakes When Making

When making the Sunny D cocktail, it's important to avoid a few common mistakes that can impact the flavor and quality of the drink. Here are some common mistakes to watch out for:

  • Using low-quality ingredients: To ensure that the Sunny D cocktail tastes as good as possible, it's important to use high-quality ingredients. This means using a good-quality vodka, fresh-squeezed orange juice, and a well-regarded Triple Sec.
  • Over-mixing the drink: When shaking the Sunny D cocktail, be careful not to over-mix it. Over-mixing can cause the drink to become too diluted and can impact its overall flavor.
  • Forgetting to strain the drink: When pouring the Sunny D cocktail, be sure to strain it to remove any large pieces of fruit or seeds. This will ensure that the drink is smooth and easy to drink.
  • Using the wrong garnishes: The garnishes you choose for your Sunny D cocktail can impact its overall flavor and appearance. Be sure to choose garnishes that complement the flavors of the drink, such as orange slices or mint sprigs.

By avoiding these common mistakes and following the recipe closely, you can ensure that your Sunny D cocktail turns out perfectly every time.

In conclusion, the Sunny D cocktail is a popular and delicious drink that's perfect for any occasion. With its bright, citrusy flavor and unique blend of ingredients, it's no wonder that this drink has become a favorite around the world. By following the tips and variations in this article, you can create your own perfect version of the Sunny D cocktail and enjoy it whenever the mood strikes.

If you are going to order Sunny D in a bar, don’t forget to mention all the ingredients to the bartender. Sunny D can be served with different ingredients in different places.