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Fernet Branca Drink recipe

Rocks glass

Get ready to impress your guests with this bold and flavorful Fernet Branca drink recipe! With just three simple ingredients - including the iconic bitter Fernet Branca and anise-flavored Pernod - and a sprinkle of fennel seeds, you'll have a delicious and sophisticated cocktail that's perfect for any occasion. Serve it up in a rocks glass over ice and get ready for the compliments to pour in!

Fernet Branca Ingredients

Fernet Branca Recipe

  1. mix the ingredients together with ice
  2. serve in Rocks glass halfway with ice

Recommend: serve in Rocks glass

It's also called a "lowball", "whiskey" or "old-fashioned" glass. The bottom of old-fashioned glass is thick. Rocks glasses carry between 6 and 8 ounces.

The Rise in Popularity of Fernet Branca As A Bartender's Favorite

Fernet Branca is a bitter, aperitif liquor that has become increasingly popular among bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts in recent years. With its strong herbal flavor and unique aroma, Fernet Branca is often used as a secret ingredient to elevate classic cocktails like the Manhattan or the Negroni. In this article, we will discuss the history and origins of Fernet Branca, its famous reputation, its ingredient roles, how to garnish, variations, and common mistakes when making it.


History and Origins

Fernet Branca was created in Milan, Italy, in 1845 by Bernardino Branca. The recipe for Fernet Branca is a closely guarded secret, but it is known to contain over 40 different herbs, spices, and roots. The original recipe was created as a medicinal tonic to aid in digestion and to cure a variety of ailments.

Famous Reputation

Fernet Branca has become famous for its unique flavor and aroma. It has a bitter taste, with notes of menthol, anise, and a variety of herbs. Its distinct flavor has made it a favorite among bartenders, who use it to add depth and complexity to classic cocktails.

Geographic Influence

Fernet Branca is most popular in Argentina, where it is often consumed as a digestif after a meal. It has also gained popularity in the United States, where it is often used as a secret ingredient in cocktails.


Fernet Branca is a dark brown color and has a thick, syrupy consistency. It is typically served in a rocks glass over ice, with a garnish of fennel seeds or a citrus twist.

Ingredient Roles


Fernet Branca is classified as a bitter, a category of liqueurs that are characterized by their bitter taste and herbal flavor. Bitters are typically used as a digestive aid, and are often consumed after a meal.

Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds are often used as a garnish for Fernet Branca cocktails. They add a subtle, herbal flavor to the drink and help to balance out the bitterness of the liquor.


Pernod is a type of anise-flavored liquor that is often used in combination with Fernet Branca. The two liquors complement each other well, and the combination of flavors creates a unique and complex cocktail.

How to Garnish

To garnish a Fernet Branca cocktail, simply add a small pinch of fennel seeds to the top of the drink. You can also add a citrus twist, such as a lemon or orange peel, to add a touch of brightness to the cocktail.


Virgin/Mocktail Version

To make a virgin or mocktail version of a Fernet Branca cocktail, simply omit the alcohol and replace it with a non-alcoholic spirit, such as Seedlip or Kin Euphorics. You can also add a splash of tonic water or soda water to the drink to add some carbonation.

Gluten-Free Version and Ingredients

Fernet Branca is gluten-free, as it does not contain any wheat or barley. However, if you are using it in a cocktail, be sure to check the other ingredients to ensure that they are also gluten-free.

Vegan Version

Fernet Branca is vegan-friendly, as it does not contain any animal products or by-products.

Keto Version

To make a keto-friendly version of a Fernet Branca cocktail, simply replace any sugary mixers with a low-carb alternative, such as diet tonic water or sugar-free soda.

Low-Calorie Version

To make a low-calorie version of a Fernet Branca cocktail, simply replace any high-calorie mixers with a low-calorie alternative, such as club soda or diet tonic water.

Common Mistakes When Making

The most common mistake when making a Fernet Branca cocktail is to use too much of the liquor. Fernet Branca has a very strong flavor, and a little goes a long way. Be sure to measure out the liquor carefully, and use it sparingly.

Another mistake is to use the wrong type of mixer. Fernet Branca is a very strong and bitter liquor, and it needs to be balanced out with a sweet or citrusy mixer. Be sure to choose your mixer carefully, and experiment with different combinations until you find the perfect balance.

In conclusion, Fernet Branca is a unique and complex liquor that has become increasingly popular among bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts. Its strong herbal flavor and unique aroma make it a favorite secret ingredient in classic cocktails, and its versatility makes it a great addition to any home bar. By following these tips and tricks, you can create delicious and sophisticated Fernet Branca cocktails that are sure to impress.

If you are going to order Fernet Branca in a bar, don’t forget to mention all the ingredients to the bartender. Fernet Branca can be served with different ingredients in different places.