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Blue Sapphire Martini Drink recipe

Martini glass

Shake up your bartending skills with our Blue Sapphire Martini recipe! Made with Bombay Sapphire gin, Rose's Cocktail Infusions Blue Raspberry, and Powerade blue, this refreshing drink is perfect for any occasion. Mix it up in a shaker and serve in a stylish martini glass. Impress your guests with this easy-to-make cocktail that packs a punch of flavor!

Blue Sapphire Martini Ingredients

Blue Sapphire Martini Equipment

  • shaker - allows you quickly mix and chill ingredients

Blue Sapphire Martini Recipe

  1. fill a shaker half full with ice cubes so you can properly chill ingredients
  2. shake till perfectly chilled
  3. pour into Martini glass

Recommend: serve in Martini glass

The Blue Sapphire Martini: A Guide to Making the Perfect Cocktail

If you're a fan of gin-based cocktails, you've likely heard of the Blue Sapphire Martini. This vibrant blue cocktail has become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. Not only is it visually stunning, but it also has a delicious flavor profile that is sure to please any palate.


The Blue Sapphire Martini has an interesting history, as it is a relatively new addition to the world of cocktails. The cocktail was first introduced in the early 2000s as a way to showcase the unique flavor of Bombay Sapphire gin. It quickly gained popularity and has since become a staple at bars and restaurants around the world.

One of the reasons the Blue Sapphire Martini has become so popular is its striking appearance. The bright blue color is eye-catching and adds an element of fun to any occasion. Additionally, the cocktail is known for its fruity and refreshing flavor, which is perfect for sipping on a hot summer day.


To make the perfect Blue Sapphire Martini, you'll need to gather a few key ingredients. The recipe calls for:

  • 2 oz Bombay Sapphire gin
  • 2 oz Rose's Cocktail Infusions Blue Raspberry
  • 2 oz Powerade blue

The gin is the star of this cocktail, so it's important to choose a high-quality brand like Bombay Sapphire. The blue raspberry flavor comes from the Rose's Cocktail Infusions, which is a sweet and fruity syrup that can be found at most liquor stores. Finally, the Powerade blue adds a bright blue color and a hint of sweetness.

Ingredient Roles

Each ingredient plays an important role in the cocktail. The gin provides a strong base flavor that is complemented by the sweet and fruity notes of the blue raspberry syrup. The Powerade blue not only adds color to the cocktail but also provides a slightly sweet finish.

How to Garnish

Garnishing the Blue Sapphire Martini is simple but effective. A classic garnish for a martini is a twist of lemon peel. To add a pop of color to your cocktail, try adding a fresh raspberry or blueberry to the glass.


One of the great things about cocktails is that they can be customized to suit individual preferences. Here are a few variations on the Blue Sapphire Martini recipe:

  • Virgin/Mocktail Version: To make a non-alcoholic version of this cocktail, simply omit the gin and add a splash of lemon juice and soda water for a refreshing mocktail.
  • Gluten-Free Version: All of the ingredients in the Blue Sapphire Martini are gluten-free, making it a safe option for those with gluten allergies or sensitivities.
  • Vegan Version: This cocktail is already vegan-friendly, but if you want to switch things up, try using a different brand of blue raspberry syrup or Powerade that doesn't contain animal products.
  • Keto Version: To make this cocktail keto-friendly, use a sugar-free blue raspberry syrup and a low-carb sports drink like Powerade Zero.
  • Low-Calorie Version: To reduce the calorie count of this cocktail, use a sugar-free blue raspberry syrup and a low-calorie sports drink like Propel.

Common Mistakes

When making a Blue Sapphire Martini, there are a few common mistakes to avoid. One of the most important things to remember is to use a high-quality gin like Bombay Sapphire. Additionally, be sure to measure your ingredients carefully to ensure a balanced flavor profile.

Another mistake to avoid is over-shaking the cocktail. While shaking the ingredients is important to mix them together and chill the cocktail, too much shaking can result in a watery and diluted drink.

In conclusion, the Blue Sapphire Martini is a fun and delicious cocktail that is perfect for any occasion. With a few simple ingredients and the right technique, you can easily make this stunning blue cocktail at home. Whether you're a gin lover or just looking for a refreshing summer drink, the Blue Sapphire Martini is sure to impress.

If you are going to order Blue Sapphire Martini in a bar, don’t forget to mention all the ingredients to the bartender. Blue Sapphire Martini can be served with different ingredients in different places.